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The Eternal by Bobby Asghar     THE ETERNAL by Bobby Asghar


  • Deterioration, especially of morality or culture; decay; degeneration.
  • The state reached through such a process.
  • Living in a tip with something ungodly growing in the kitchen sink; smoking more than a fifteen year old Cypriot; drinking like it’s going out of style; waking up hungover, pickled as an onion, next to a total stranger, and lacking memory, conscience, or both

—but it’s not like Sam had a choice.

The Christmas Canal Killings had been his lure to the north. “A Shocking Chiller for a Stocking Filler,” the newspapers called it. Trapped beneath dull, grey skies ever since—and not just in a physical sense—he’d never been further from himself, but he’d never been closer to mankind either.


Tracker by Bobby Asghar on
Tracker by Bobby Asghar on